This is Not the Greatest Site in the World

This is Just a Tribute

I'm a developer and an author, lover of horror, eater of chickpeas, drinker of tea, passing beginner archer, eternal BJJ white belt, and tech addict.

Things I Can Do

Once upon a time, I was a Perl ninja. Eventually, we grew apart. Perl was all, "Let's watch Mad Men." And I was all, "Nope." Eventually, we went our separate ways. After my broken heart mended, I fell in love with Python, JavaScript, Android programming, machine learning (when I'm feeling a special sort of self-loathing, I'm all about convolutional neural nets), and discovering new languages and techs. It's all e-polyglot up in here.

A Few Accomplishments

I once wrote a monstrous helpdesk application for COMUSNAVCENT in Bahrain during Operation Iraqi Freedom. It was kinda badass. I also created Dupinator to delete duplicate message traffic, and that ended up on some ships unexpectedly. That was kinda badass, too.